You must have 1 System Adminstrator License to set up and run the front office


If you have multiple front office employees you will need to subscribe to a  user license  for each


You will need to subscribe to one or more bundles of field deployed user licenses so that the total subscriptions = the number of field deployed users you have.  

All user licenses may be re-assigned with staff changes.  
All Suscriptions are 12 months

Software comes with on line videos(42) -- on line manual(300p) -- email and live support

some examples:
Small Start Up -- minimum needed to get started 1 sys admin license and 1 bundle of 5 field deployed user licenses.
                                         monthly -- fees 200/mo
Exisiting sercvice with    5 front office case managers and  20 people in the field
                       you woudl need
                                      1 sys admin license                    100
                                       4 additional front office licenses               200
                                        1 - 25 user bundle for field deployed users   400

Call for special configurations, multi program, non profit, set up/ training options and customizations    Call 336-ASK-ATEC (North Caroliina)