Some Features 

Client - Administration

Face Sheet,  Admission forms, HIPAA log, Client notes, user fields, demograhics, needs, barriers, source of income,  history, program participation and more


Schedule Appointments,  Interviews, Reviews, events, paperwork requirements, recurring, followup etc.   Integrated day, week month calendars to capture and retain all practice activities in a HIPAA complaint secure environment.  Views by client, employee, location, program. Field scheduling by: Centarlized Scheduling or Coverage (self Scheduling) models.


Reuse any and all word, excel and or PDF forms you may have or are manadated by regulatory authorities as templates.  Use our wizards and templates to make your own:  Assesssments, Logs, Checklists, Consent forms -- sign on line.   Scan and attach all files, receipts, docs, images.  Retrieve and review from user secure folders by client.   Do all the same for Personnel


Define progarm rules and work flow, documents and events.  On board: Leads, Clients, Employees, Applicants , automated Alerts, Notifications, emails and text messaging. Internal audit trail documents virtually everything done and not done by users/date and time.   ergo Enhanced Accountability  and more automatic reporting capability.


Record Asessements,  service plans,  diagnosis, goals ,  case notes, progaress notes, clients notes, incidents , vitals, meds admin, scan and attach documents and images.


Configurable for any number of programs:  here is a list of some types we support: CRM, Applicants, employees, in home services, clinical, residential, sepcial ed, job training, physical therapy, counseling, case management and more. Each cleint adn be any nuber of programs simutaneously


Built in CRM,   On line addissions and brochures, leads tracking and qualification, demograhics, reporting, tracking, referral sources

Reporting / Charting

over 100 canned reports,  our audit tool extract and report on any and all events  by event type, user, client, program, location, date etc. Use our wizards to make whatever logs and monthly charting  you desire.  Export all reported data to word or excel.


Meds adminsitration or Meds minder:  Forulary: RX, OTC , Supplies ; Invenoty by cleint/location, medsadmin, tracking, MARS, Meds LIsts, Authorities, Perscriptions, Vitals, medical event tracking, Meds Admin,  Count sheets,  medical appointments, coucomes ans follow up.


Personnel Files,  certifications, time cards, id badges, job descriptions, reviews, training, staffing , skills,  attendance, vacation, job history, greivances, complains,  HRS requests, notes, 

Billing / Payables

Automated tracking of billable and payable events. Generated into Bills or vouchers.  Automactially interface into our optional Accounting modules and/ or our EDI Clearing House Module. Direct pay clients even have the option of paying on-line via our web portal

Web Portal

Our intergrated CSM Web portal module allows authorized  personnel to:  Dialog with case manager, complete Assessment forms, record case notes, add service records (optionally signed by client), check schedule, record time on site, mileage,  schedule appointments (coverage).   Clients and Customers(POA) can Check schedules , dialog with case manager, fill in forms and surveys, and optionally check statements and paybills online.   The Public can:  Review and Apply for jobs, or  Review service brochures and Apply for Admission.